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18 October 2006 @ 10:17 am
Yeah I know... I haven't updated in more than a fortnight. Slack0r.

Not that I haven't got a lot to talk about, I've got heaps. Went to Melbourne for Godskitchen weekend before last.
jimmy255 did a good review of it. But my slant is:

Matt Hardwick: Good tunes, pretty slack mixing in places, bit of a worry when I'm sitting there thinking *I* could mix better than that.

Above & Beyond: Fucking ace, so much better than I was expecting. I was actually expecting 2 hours of the Anjunabeats back-catalogue, but no. Very nice, played Armin van Buuren - Control Freak. Also Sander van Doorn's Direkt Dizco, which somehow I'd missed hearing before. It pwned me right there.

Eddie Halliwell: *sigh* It's such a pity, he was the real reason we went to GK in the first place. There was nothing bad about his set exactly... in fact in places it was completely spastic, scratching and fucking about with tracks with technical brilliance. The problem was, after a while, even though Eddie rocks my world, I was getting....bored.  Too much shitty techno and not enough hard uplifting trance (which is what I was hoping for.) Although, I *loved* Cherry Blossom and the crowd surfing at the end. <3

GK and assorted trashiness aside, other elements of the Melbourne trip were:
  • Having our flights on Friday night delayed, delayed, delayed again and then rescheduled for the following afternoon, meaning that we didn't get to bed until 1 AM (at my Mum's) and we lost a whole day in Melbourne. :/ Jetstar, you are never getting my cash ever ever EVER again, no matter how cheap your flights are. Upside: We saved $99 in accommodation for the night, because the camp little ex-Tasmanian guy (small world) on the front desk didn't charge us a cancellation fee.  It's because of this little debacle that I can't put in "Saw the largest exhibit of works by Picasso ever assembled in the southern hemisphere at the Victorian Art Gallery"...because the exhibition closed an hour after we got into Melbourne on the Saturday. Nnnggrrrrrh.
  • Tramming up to Collingwood to find Miles and Kate's place where Miles' car was parked, so we could drive it back across Melbourne, across Bass Strait (via the Spirit of Tasmania) and along to Launceston where it will live in Nathan's parents' garage for the next 6 months, while Miles and Kate are in Canada.
  • While we were in Collingwood we discovered a little pasta place called Mamma Vittoria Pasta Classica that honest to god, has the best handmade specialty pasta I have ever had.
  • The boat was fun(ish). We had a surprisingly decent meal in the restaurant, and then we went to bed early because we had to be up before 7 to drive the car off. I took 2 valium to knock me out so I could sleep through the really uncomfortable bunk bed (the springs seemed to be on the *outside* of the mattress), stuffy cabin, njc's snoring and the rocking of the ship. It mostly worked.
  • We skipped the boat breakfast and went straight to the d'Anvers factory on the way to Launceston. Chorizo sausage, soft boiled eggs, asparagus and hot buttered toast, with coffee, followed by chocolate croissants and brioche with chocolate-hazelnut spread (their own version of Nutella). Got very full. 5 stars!
Can't think of anything else that anyone other than me would find interesting. Oh, I have a mini greenhouse on my balcony with four strapping strawberry plants in it. Let's see if I can keep these ones alive!
01 October 2006 @ 07:12 pm
Very proud of myself today. 
Such a nice day it was, all sunny and stuff, that I had an insatiable urge to "be outside" and "do things outdoorsy" which is the first time since about February that I've felt that way. So, after realising that due to the onset of daylight savings I'd actually got out of bed at 10.30, not 9.30 (damn those ninja sleep stealers, eh Jim?), and faffing around for a couple of hours (it is still Sunday, after all), Nathan and I finally went up to the tip and dumped all of our recycling for the past month, including the leftovers from OMGWTFondue.  It looked so goddamned dodgy, even next to all the blokes dropping off their post-Grand Final BBQ empties - we had a cooler, two boxes and a canvas shopping bag full of wine bottles, beer bottles, Smirnoff Black and whatever else, two empty gin bottles and one vodka bottle. Plus a bit of plastic and some cardboard boxes (one with "Australian Wine Selectors" printed on the side). We may as well have been holding up a sign saying WE KNOW THIS LOOKS BAD. WE ALREADY HAVE THE NUMBER FOR ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, KTHX.

After that, we drove down to Kingston to the pet shop, where I bought filter cartridges and vacation feeder blocks for while we're away at Godskitchen next weekend, and discovered that although I can't officially sell them my excess bristlenose catfish (they number in the dozens atm) because I'm not a licensed breeder, the pet shop people would be happy to swap me other things for them. w00t, free fish! I'd like to get the ratio of bristlenoses to other species back to less than 2:1.

While we were in Kingston we went to the Fork in the Road garden centre (at Mitre 10) and bought plants. 6 x "potted colour" pots for $16, which was pretty good. I bought 5 pink Pigfaces and a white Feverfew/Chrysanthenum-type thing. It was unlabeled so I'm guessing that's what it was. They're all annuals but they should (hopefully) re-seed each year. I also bought a Hellebore species, which will apparently do well in acidic soil. Which is good, there's a section near the fence which I expect will be quite acidic because it's where we've been dumping out our coffee grinds.

We also washed the car at the jetwash thing near Kingston McDonalds, and now the car is very shiny.

So on returning home I realised that I had all these plants and no ground prepared to put them in. So.... I weeded the whole shrubbery area, which isn't large, but the soil has a lot of clay in it, hasn't been worked for 4 or 5 years and is dry and packed down very hard. Kind of difficult to deal with when all you have is one of those little garden forks you hold in your hand. But I got there. It took a couple of hours to pull out all the weeds, including an embryonic blackberry, and me with no gloves, *tear* and to put the plants in.  Radagast "helped".  I'm a bit worried about how these pigfaces are going to do, as the soil isn't as well drained as I expected. They're drought-hardy (ideal for when we're away over the summer) but they don't like having wet feet. I guess we'll see.

So I now have a clean car, dirty fingernails and itchy hands, a garden bed with some plants that I hope will grow *fingers crossed* and a nice big pile of weeds and dead leaves that I don't quite know how to get rid of...

Next job: ironing. Bleh.
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29 September 2006 @ 10:44 pm

Saw this tonight while picking up a bottle of Bombay Sapphire.

This is Raki, also known as (I think) Lion's Breath. Very strong aniseed liquor. But I digress - the only reason I took a photo of this is the paragraph under 'Turkish Speciality":

"Distilled and bottled by tobacco, tobacco products, salt, and alcohol enterprise corporation"

Hmmmmmm....inspires confidence!
28 September 2006 @ 07:06 pm
I know a couple of people this will appeal to. :)

28 September 2006 @ 06:56 pm
And so does my farked toe.

That is all.
15 September 2006 @ 07:45 pm
It is my experience that once you start doing something, the thing for which you were waiting will occur, at the most inconvenient time. For example, waiting for your car pool or whatever, if you go do the rush-to-the-toilet thing, it's guaranteed they'll toot the horn out the front of your house while you're in the middle of a particularly large movement.

NOT that this is the case now. No, now, I'm posting this from my shitty demountable building office, waiting for my illustrious husband to play chauffeur, to come and pick me up after the very first Friday night drinks that I've ever attended at my new work.  I could have walked home in the dark, but it probably would have taken me three times as long, due to the weaving. I've had 3 glasses of bubbles provided by work (which doesn't usually occur, apparently) plus almost (almost, as in there's still a third of it left, sitting quietly here next to me) a bottle of my own chardonnay that I brought along especially for the occasion, not knowing that there'd be anything laid on. 

I'm sure he'll get here eventually, even though I rang him an hour ago saying "yes the next half hour would be great....."

He's probably got "stuck" playing a game of Magic on GCCG. That's what he was doing when I rang him anyway.

Maybe I'll finish the bottle. It's looking at me funny.
14 September 2006 @ 09:54 pm
I was clearing out my phone pictures. Thought this one of jimmy255 at Syrup was pretty kewl.

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11 September 2006 @ 06:40 pm
And there's lots of it. I think I'm doing the job of about 3 people, and when the woman whose job I've taken (oops) leaves in November, when her contract runs out, I'll be doing 3 and a half. I need to develop some short cuts improvements to productivity and work out how to palm off delegate tasks to other people. I'm suffering a severe deficit of waste time on the internetage.

Otherwise it's pretty good, the work is interesting and because I'm such a n00b still, very challenging. My office is a demountable building nicknamed Baxter (because it's out the back of the admin building, and it looks like a detention centre) which they assure me is only a temporary measure while they decide where the Uni Info centre is going to be permanently located... but in my experience, "temporary measures" can go on for decades. Upside: I'm the only one with an air conditioner. The main admin building is not air conditioned, at all. Which is really quite surprising. When it's 35 degrees in the summer, guess who will be the most popular person in the whole building? I need a bar fridge. I've got a coffee machine now though. I dug it out of my cupboard, where it had been languishing ever since we got the uber-espresso machine as a wedding present. Now I don't have to leave my office except to fill up the coffee machine decanter, and to pee. If I was making coffee just for Trish (the woman who leaves in November) I could probably combine the two. *evil*

In other news, I fux0red my ankle last week during the aftermath of OMGWTFondue, (which I still need to post recipes for in wokthecasbah). I should have taken photos, it was very impressively swollen. It's all good now, despite the lurid purple bruising. It was only a sprain.
And then I fux0red my back a few days later. I had a disk prolapse about four years ago and I've had a weakness there ever since. Usually it's fine, only plays up if I've been doing lots of activity or driving or sitting on crappy seats for long periods. So I had some time off in between jobs, didn't I? I was slouching around on our couch surfing the net for 6 hours a day instead of sitting properly, and after that it went all tired and crampy and a bit irritating.
So limping around with the ankle of doom obviously aggravated it and it went CRUNCH the other morning. The doctor gave me Panadeine Forte and Valium though, so now everything's greeeeeeaaaaaat.  And it is actually much better, to the point where I think I could happily walk to work tomorrow. We'll see.
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23 August 2006 @ 03:27 pm
See this is why my Mum rocks, not only is she teh smartz0r, but she's generous too. Mum and Dad are on holidays in Adelaide with my brother jvandenberg, so they don't have a lot of space on their credit card at the moment due to all their traveling expenses. But Mum had a better idea - she has heaps of credit free on her Coles Myer card, so this morning she went and bought me a whole heap of Basque stuff at the Myer in Rundle Mall. I'm sure I'll like it, because I like Basque, but if it doesn't work out she can return it to the Myer down here when she is down on Wednesday.

And I also went into the Myer down here. Amazingly I found some stuff I liked, and it was in my size!  They must have got in some new season stock since last I was there. And yeah, duh, guess who forgot about this thing we had before the invention of the credit card? LAYBY, FTW!! (Thanks again Mum) Now I can just whip into town next Thursday (payday) in between everything else I have to do that day* and pick up the layby, it'll take me half an hour, max.


Now that I have that sorted, it's time to concentrate on getting the house sparkling clean (sigh) and planning what I'm going to serve at this fondue party, which we're having next Friday night, which is also the night of my first day at the new job. I was going to be starting on Monday 4th rather than Friday 1st, but apparently I'll have to start by then to get the payrise in March 2007, rather than March 2008. I'll be buggered if I miss out on a 4.5% payrise for the sake of one day!

So anyway the actual fondue bits themselves don't take very long at all to construct, so putting it all together once I get home from work won't be any drama, but the preparation will be crucial. There will be a whole day on Thursday of shopping, chopping, slicing, dicing, baking and mixing, ready for the following evening. I'm really looking forward to it. :D

Oh and on Sunday night we're going to a swanky dinner put on by our wine club at Marque IV (next to T42). We'd never get to eat there ordinarily due to the high price tag, but they're doing the whole member-prices set menu thing which made it possible. It still wasn't exactly cheap but it seemed like too good an opportunity for food-and-wineys like ourselves to pass up. This is why we don't have a lot of spare cash this week...we had to pay for it up front. But hey. It's still cheaper than some of our nights out have been.... and at least it's now already paid for.

*see fondue party discussion
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21 August 2006 @ 11:47 pm
...that I could really use a credit card.

For the last four years I've been working in a call centre with no dress code, so I wore comfy stuff like jeans and tshirts. Now I'm moving to an office environment where the uggies and trackydacks just aren't going to cut it. 

Which means I need a new wardrobe.

Which means money.

Which I don't have, right until August 31, and I start work on September 1.
It could be worse I guess, it could be the day after. But ngrrrh! So frustrating. I don't want to spend the day before I start my new job, pounding the streets of Hobart, being frustrated by how there's nothing in my size (16 is not that big!!) or in an appropriate style (what's with all the crinkly ruffle skirts?) at a price which I can afford. I know this will happen, because it happened last month when I went looking for a new outfit for the interview. In the end I threw up my hands in disgust and pulled out my only pair of black pants, which have the fly button missing and a bleach mark on the cuff, but I winged it for half an hour.

There's a whole bunch of clearance stuff on Ezibuy that I want to get, but again, I can't order it until next week, and it still leaves me with about 10 working days of wearing that one dodgy pair of pants and interchanging the two non-tshirts I own while they mail it all out to me.

This will not do!

I wonder if Mum would lend me her credit card....
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